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2/9/2024 Sustainability  | Partnerships

SHV Energy local initiative supports mental health awareness

Pictured from left to right: Claire Lynch, Legal Counsel, Calor Ireland; Duncan Osborne, CEO, Calor Ireland; and Elephant in the Room co-founder, Brent Pope.
Acknowledging the “elephant in the room” has never been so engaging. In mid-January, SHV Energy employees from its subsidiary, Calor Ireland, unveiled their own uniquely designed elephant to support awareness of mental health.

The sculpture will join an expanding herd of elephants that represent a national wellness initiative in Ireland, called the Elephant in the Room Movement.

The “social enterprise” movement brings together business, art and community to encourage conversation about mental health in the workplace, and to challenge stigma on the topic. The organisation has over 20 elephant sculptures, each uniquely painted by renowned artists.

Calor Ireland’s elephant design, titled ‘Strength in Numbers,’ was crafted by Claire Lynch, Legal Counsel in its Legal Department. Inspired by how a herd of elephants operates, the design symbolises that despite their individual strength, they come together to aid a member in need, relying on each other for survival. The elephant is a tangible reminder for Calor to prioritise mental health at work and at home.

Inclusivity is a core value at SHV Energy, which includes creating an open culture and a safe, welcoming work environment for our people. 
Calor's commitment to fostering a supportive environment and addressing mental health showcases a genuine dedication to the well-being of its employees and the wider community. The proceeds raised by Calor employees were donated to its charity partner, Samaritans Ireland. 

Read more about this on the Calor Ireland website