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7/27/2023 Sustainability  | Partnerships

SHV Energy JV Dimeta and Enerkem collaborate on waste-to-DME projects

SHV Energy, Dimeta and Enerkem formally sign the cooperation agreement.
SHV Energy, through its joint venture Dimeta B.V., has signed an important partnership agreement that brings it closer to realising large-scale production of renewable and recycled carbon DME (rDME).

Together with Canada-based Enerkem, SHV Energy will initiate feasibility studies for two groundbreaking projects that will convert waste into renewable and recycled carbon DME, a clean-burning fuel that can support decarbonisation of the off-grid energy sector. Enerkem is the first company in the world to produce renewable methanol and ethanol from non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste at full commercial scale.

The two projects are likely to be situated in Continental Europe and in the United States. Each project is anticipated to produce approximately 165,000 tonnes of renewable and recycled carbon DME per year from mixed residual waste. The impact of the DME produced from the combined projects will be equivalent to significantly reducing the carbon footprint of more than one million LPG-heated homes, when it is blended in with LPG.

This partnership builds on SHV Energy’s announcement earlier this year to locate its first commercial-scale rDME production plant at Teesworks in the United Kingdom. The production facility, which is expected to produce 50,000 tonnes of rDME each year, is set to be operational in 2025.

Read the press announcement here.


Pictured in the photo above, from left to right, are:

Front row: Dominique Boies (Enerkem CEO), Frankie Ugboma (Dimeta CEO).

1st row: Katrien Wijsman (Dimeta Business Development Director), Lizzie German (Dimeta Investment and Technology Manager), Bram Gräber (SHV Energy CEO, Dimeta board member), Laurence Broseta (CEO UGI International, Dimeta board member), Beth Reid (UGI VP Growth and Transformation, Dimeta Board member), Charles Tremblay (Enerkem VP Project Execution).

2nd row: Sophia Haywood (Dimeta Head of Advocacy & Communications), Viktor Meshkov (SHV Energy Strategy and Investment Manager), Mark Jones (Dimeta Commercial Supply Manager), Alex Miles (Enerkem Director of Project Development), Reinier Van Emmerik (SHV Energy Group Controller).