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11/14/2023 Partnerships  | Sustainability

SHV Energy signs new collaboration for renewable LPG development

The collaboration will explore opportunities to convert CO2 and methane from livestock manure into bioLPG.

SHV Energy, through its new business unit Futuria Fuels, has signed a partnership agreement for the international development of solutions for bioLPG production routes.

The collaboration, with Japanese partners Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Astomos Energy Corporation, will focus on leveraging a proprietary process and catalysts to convert carbon dioxide and methane from livestock manure into millions of tonnes of renewable bioLPG. This pathway, supported by technology developed by Furukawa Electric Co., shows promise as a high yield source for bioLPG. Initial steps will focus on development and scaling of the process.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership to move us increasingly closer to providing our business and residential customers with a clean, sustainable fuel source,” said Bram Gräber, SHV Energy CEO. 

The ultimate ambition of the collaboration is to establish a supply of millions of tonnes of renewable bioLPG through multiple plants that will convert syngas from bio-and recycled carbon feedstocks. The supply will serve the present and future geographical customer-base of Astomos, Futuria Fuels and others by commercialising and supplementing the technological developments of Furukawa Electric Co.

Rebecca Groen, CEO of Futuria Fuels, said: “We recognise the excellent work already done by the Japanese consortium partners in this innovative approach and are excited to collaborate to help accelerate the development, both for Japan and other countries around the world.”

Read the press announcement here

Futuria Fuels is the dedicated business unit of SHV Energy for the development of sustainable fuels, including bioLPG and rDME. Read more about our sustainable fuel activities here: