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Access to cleaner energy Bangladesh 4/2/2024

Petromax LPG's Direct Delivery: Making Clean Energy Easy

In Bangladesh, Petromax LPG, is making waves with its new project, Direct Delivery, bringing cleaner energy to homes across the country in a simple, affordable way. In many parts of the country, people still use dirty fuels for cooking and heating. But while LPG is a much cleaner option, it's often hard to procure and too expensive for many families. That's where Direct Delivery comes in.

The pilot started in Bogura, a rural district in the north of Bangladesh where there is no natural gas connection and old polluting fuels are widely used. Some people had access to LPG, but prices were too high for most as dealers didn’t sell LPG at the government approved price that is declared by the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission every month.

Direct Delivery, on the other hand cuts out dealers and retailers, bringing LPG straight to people's homes. Skipping the traditional middle steps means we can sell at the affordable price set by the government, so more families can afford to switch to LPG at the government approved price.

Direct Delivery isn't just about dropping off gas cylinders, but teaching families how to use LPG safely. Every time a gas cylinder is delivered, the trained delivery person installs the cylinder and performs a safety check, as well as informing the family about the Petromax LPG ‘5 Golden Rules of Home Safety’:

  • LPG cylinders should not be stored in enclosed spaces.
  • Always keep the LPG cylinder upright.
  • Apply soapy water to the hose pipe to check for leaks. If the bubble comes out, then close the regulator. Change the rubber hose pipe at least once in 2 years.
  • Avoid using matches, fires, electric switches, and cell phones if you smell gas in the house.
  • Close the regulator knob after cooking.
    • This is the first time in Bangladesh that an LPG operator is directly selling and providing services to end-users. The people of Bogura have appreciated the value-added service in home delivery, cylinder installation, safety checks, and government pricing.

      For Petromax LPG, Direct Delivery isn't just a project—it's a promise to make life better for people in Bangladesh. By working together with communities, we are showing how simple changes can lead to immense benefits for everyone.