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Access to cleaner energy Brazil 4/3/2024

Sales team targets to switch customers away from polluting energy sources

Sustainability is one of Supergasbras’ strategic objectives in two projects as part of ‘Super Jornada’ 2022-2025. The first aims to reduce GHG emissions along the value chain of Supergasbras locations, while the second supports our customers to reduce their carbon footprint through evaluating and converting their higher polluting energy sources to LPG.

Since 2022, the Supergasbras business and sustainability teams began establishing targets to gain new LPG customers that were using high-polluting energy sources like wood, diesel and BPF oil. By doing this, the business team began engaging with sustainability concepts, better enabling them to support Supergasbras customers with reducing emissions. Meanwhile, the sustainability team contributed with training for fellow staff about sustainability concepts, as well as a calculator to avoid GHG emissions according to the energy source, amount of GHG avoided per customer, and the total number of converted customers.

In 2023, the target established by the business and sustainability teams was to convert at least 41 customers with 2.1kton of LPG to promote a GHG avoidance of 5.1kton in the value chain of our customers. The actual outcome was 130 customers converted with 4.3kton of LPG sales, and 12.1kton of GHG avoidance in the value chain of customers.

Looking ahead to 2024, we established new targets to further increase LPG sales and GHG avoidance for new customers, as well as finding opportunities to convert existing customers from more polluting energy sources to LPG.