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3/17/2016 Partnerships

Biomass or LPG The burning issues for poultry farmers

As a poultry farmer, you’ll have a high requirement for heat, all year round. You’ll need to keep your shed and floor temperatures at the right level to ensure high broiler welfare and good chick growth – and, with fuel being one of your largest overheads, you’ll no doubt be looking to save energy wherever you can.

This is where the use of biomass can seem a very attractive proposition. In recent years UK government has been incentivising farmers to switch to such low carbon, renewable fuel sources in return for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

But think carefully before you choose to make an expensive and long-term investment in biomass and take time to consider some of the other off-grid fuel options available to you, like gas. Here’s our short guide to help you analyse all the factors, including return on investment, capital costs, system efficiency and long-term fuel security.