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11/27/2013 Partnerships

Calor GB inspires young people into business

On the 12th of November, Calor invited 18 students from Warwick’s Myton School into Calor’s Head Office. On the day, pupils received presentations from Calor staff from different positions and functions; right from Calor’s MD through to a recent graduate trainee. This is part of Calor’s involvement in a UK CBI (Confederation of British Industry) initiative called ‘Business in the Classroom’ which encourages businesses to work one-on-one with schools to inspire young people into business, increase their knowledge of the workplace and develop their employability skills. It is also an opportunity for Calor to increase its profile as a prospective local employer

The students ranged from 11 to 18 in age and will now be divided into three groups to work across their year groups to launch a ‘Save a Tonne’ campaign in the school. This will be organised and run by the students giving them hands-on experience of a business project, not to mention building awareness around the important issue of sustainability and the business case for it.

Students will launch the initiative in the school, with support and guidance provided by Calor co-ordinators, and the group with the most innovative ideas and responsible for the most behavioural change will have their ideas implemented here at Calor.

This partnership will run throughout the school’s academic year until July 2014.