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2/3/2014 Partnerships

Calor Ireland announced a partnership with JMC Van Trans

Calor, Ireland’s leading distributor of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) has today announced a partnership with JMC Van Trans, one of the country’s largest nationwide overnight Groupage operations, that is set to advance energy efficiency and reduce overall fuel costs for their operations. The programme will see Calor supply LPG for JMC Van Trans forklift truck operations at their operations and distribution hub on the Naas Road. This partnership with Calor forms part of a long-term strategic investment programme by the company, which has seen JMC Van Trans purchase an additional ten new LPG 2.5 tonne forklift trucks, to bring the total number supporting operations to fourteen at a cost of €350,000

The investment in LPG powered forklifts with fuel supply by Calor will provide new levels of energy efficiency, a decrease in fuel costs and a reduction in operational costs for JMC Van Trans.

Calor have designed and implemented a specific infrastructure offering which involved the installation on site at the Naas Road HQ of a bulk tank and skid unit, from which cylinders can be refilled for fuel to power the JMC forklift truck fleet. The dedicated telemetry system provides electronically monitors LPG levels, alerting Calor when fuel needs to be replenished, ensuring security of supply and no impact to operational capacity.

Commenting on the announcement, Garrett Murphy, Joint Managing Director, JMC Van Trans, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Calor in this strategic investment deal. For a business such as JMC Van Trans, which operates on a 24 hour basis and a commitment to our clients of next day delivery, continuity of supply is essential. Our main decision when choosing our fuel supplier was security of supply during peak times, we have this with Calor.

He continued: “Since switching all of our forklift fleet to LPG, we have seen a direct benefit to our bottom line, with our fuel costs seeing a reduction of 20%. This has allowed us to provide a more integrated and flexible service for our customers, while helping us further reduce operational costs”.

Larry Smith, Area Sales Representative, Calor, said: “The partnership with Calor will make a real difference for JMC Van Trans as it sets out to expand its business and service offering to its customers. Calor are listening to the needs and requirements of our customers across a wide range of sectors, and have developed tailored and complete business solutions for companies such as JMC. The LPG solution is the most cost effective option in the long run, is ideal in sensitive environments, and can truly enable businesses to transform their infrastructure to become more agile and delivering savings in operating costs.”