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1/4/2014 Partnerships

Flooding - Port Clarence Customer Operations Centre Calor GB

Calor Gas’ customer operations centre at Haverton Hill Road, Port Clarence, near Middlesbrough has been affected by the flooding caused by the River Tees bursting its banks.

The power supply to the site has been disabled and this means that no cylinder or vehicle filling will be possible over the next few days. Calor Gas would like to reassure everyone that the site is secure and completely safe, but is under at least two feet of water.

Calor staff are currently on site and implementing the site’s contingency plans. The focus is on ensuring the service to our customers is maintained. As part of this all customer service telephone numbers for Port Clarence  have been rerouted, so that customers can still place orders and deal with any queries.

Neil Gorman, Calor’s Northern Operations Manager said “The water has inundated the site and we are currently assessing the situation. We are in the process of moving our cylinders and tankers out to other nearby Calor locations so that we can keep our customers supplied. We will then start the work to make the site operational as soon as we possibly can, which we anticipate to be in a matter of days. Calor is Britain’s largest LPG supplier so we are able to maintain the vital service to our customers by temporarily moving resources to other Calor sites around the country.”

Calor’s Port Clarence facility is a Top Tier COMAH Site, set over 18 acres, and storing around 400 tonnes of LPG in bulk storage vessels and up to 630 tonnes in refillable cylinders. The site fills around 25,000 tonnes of LPG into Calor cylinders and distribute a further 30,000 tonnes of LPG in bulk road tankers each year.