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Liquigas takes over 100% of Friulanagas

Over 360,000 customers in Italy and post-acquisition aggregate turnover of approximately 500 million euros. The agreement strengthens Liquigas' position in the Italian market

Liquigas, Italian leading company in the distribution of LPG and LNG for domestic, commercial and industrial use, and Friulanagas, one of the main companies active in import, storage, mixing and distribution of LPG in tanks, cylinders and for transport, have signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Friulanagas by Liquigas.

Thanks to the operation, Liquigas strengthens its leadership in Italy, with over 360,000 customers in the domestic and industrial sectors, and an aggregate post-acquisition turnover of approximately 500 million euros.

The acquisition of Friulanagas fits perfectly into the growth strategy of Liquigas and SHV Energy, global group operating in the sale of LPG and LNG, of which Liquigas is entirely part. Liquigas confirms its expansion path in the Italian market through organic growth and the acquisition of partners identified for solidity of fundamentals, consolidated business model and attention to territory of reference.

6/10/2021 • Embedding innovation | Sustainability

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