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7/6/2015 Partnerships

Poland KAWKA Incentive Program

29 JUNE 2015

The National Fund for Environmental Protection (NFOS) extended the KAWKA incentive program (implementing Directive CAFE) for smaller towns. This is an excellent summary of our FREE campaign, whose aim in 2014/2015 was precisely to open the program for towns and rural areas.

FREE petition is widely cited as a reason of this extension.

After the changes, residents of the town of 5 thousand inhabitants can apply for donation for switch to low carbon heat sources: gas boilers, heat pumps and others. The grants will flow to local governments, but the final recipient are individuals, housing cooperatives and developers.

6/3/2021 • Partnerships

New Joint Venture: Advanced thermal conversion technology for renewable DME

SHV Energy and KEW Technology, a pioneering UK sustainable energy solutions company, will form a joint venture. The new joint venture is named…

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5/5/2021 • Partnerships

SHV Energy acquires majority stake in SunSource

SHV Energy will invest in SunSource Energy, a leading provider of distributed energy for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in India with…

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