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11/6/2013 Partnerships

Primagaz Netherlands launches cylinder checker app

Primagaz Netherlands is the first company to launch the Easy Blue™ App, a unique and patented app with which you can quickly and easily check the content of your Easy Blue cylinder. All you need to do is tap on the cylinder with a hard object, a spoon for example, and hold it next to the smartphone. The telephone picks up the sound, and on the basis of the resonance gives a good indication of the amount of LPG left in the cylinder. Additionally, if you indicate what you use LPG for, the app will give you an estimate of how long your cylinder will last you. If the LPG is low, the app shows the nearest dealer and how to get there.

The app also features a media player with six different genres of music, plenty of BBQ recipes to which you can add your own favourites, and safety tips. The app also keeps you informed of special Easy Blue™ APP actions & offers.
The Easy Blue™ App can be downloaded for free from the App store and Google Play or through the QR code on your phone.