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6/17/2019 Partnerships

SHV Energy China opens first hydrogren refuelling station

SHV China
SHV Energy China opened the company’s first hydrogen refueling station, in partnership with Xiongchuan Hydrogen Tech, on 6 June in Guangzhou, the capital of South China’s Guangdong province.

The hydrogen refueling station is one of the first in operation, in a pilot roll-out of hydrogen refueling stations in the city, with the capacity to fuel 30 hydrogen buses or 100 logistics trucks per day. A hydrogen fuel-cell car can be refueled within eight to ten minutes, similar to traditional internal combustion engines.

Bram Graber, CEO of SHV Energy said at the opening ceremony,“The opening of this station shows that SHV Energy is making a crucial step forward in energy innovation. Hydrogen delivers enormous potential as an energy source, and its application offers exciting possibilities within energy innovation in China. SHV Energy will continue to be a leader in the optimisation of energy structures,” he added. “We are very optimistic about future renewable energy investment in China, and look forward to further cooperation within the hydrogen industry.”

Marjo Crompvoet, the Dutch Consul General in Guangzhou, expressed her delight at the opening of the station “The hydrogen industry develops very fast both in the Netherlands and China. The Dutch Consulate General in Guangzhou is very happy to see SHV Energy China has made such progress in energy innovation, and we look forward to further bilateral cooperation on hydrogen technology and its application.”

Maarten Bijl, CEO of SHV Energy China, added “The company is more than confident and prepared to embrace the era of hydrogen.” Across the globe, hydrogen energy is widely considered as a clean fuel with high energy density and zero pollution, and has become a new trend in future clean energy development.

China has been making a push to develop the hydrogen industry since 2017, in a bid to make the automotive transport cleaner and more  efficient. For the first time, the government included the development of hydrogen stations for new energy vehicles in the government work report in 2019. Currently, there are 45 hydrogen refueling stations under operation or construction in China. Guangzhou, Foshan and Yunfu are listed as hydrogen energy development demonstration cities in Guangdong, and the Huangpu district strives to establish itself as the hydrogen energy innovation center of Guangzhou.