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4/21/2021 Embedding innovation

SHV Energy Open Innovation Portal

Innovation and an ecosystem of partners are crucial in our mission to Advance Energy Together, providing cleaner energy for all. SHV Energy launches an open innovation portal to find new partners to co-develop innovative solutions, find new ideas and create mutual opportunities.

Bram Gräber announces three open innovation challenges

As a global energy group we recognise, and embrace the challenge to continue to provide essential energy solutions to off-grid customers that are environmentally friendly and contribute to a more sustainable future. We always look to the future, seeking new products and new ways to deliver these solutions. By incorporating innovation as a core capability within the SHV Energy group, we continue to gather insights, knowledge and ideas from colleagues worldwide to support our businesses and customers. The open innovation portal will be the place where we share Open Challenges with the aim to find partners to co-develop solutions for today and tomorrow.

"Our open innovation portal helps us to extend and open up our Global Innovation Community. Together with new and existing partners, we will work to advance and accelerate the energy transition that SHV Energy contributes to."

Adriano Jorge, SHV Energy Global Innovation Director

Key Areas of Innovation
Our innovation portal’s initial focus will be to offer a positive impact in three key areas:

  • Sustainable fuels - challenge closes 1 September 2021
  • Smart cylinders - challenge closes 29th October 2021 
  • Health and safety - challenge closes 29th June 2021

New relationships or partnerships who share our focus and ambition will come from many different sectors and include research groups, startups, suppliers, customers, individual scientists and entrepreneurs. SHV Energy will share challenges in our three key innovation areas. These challenges are an invitation to people and organisations to have a conversation, explore areas of mutual interest, and share expertise non-confidentially, with any organisation that shares these same objectives.