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6/24/2015 Partnerships

SHV Energy position on the Energy Union Rural energy can make a difference

SHV Energy supports fully the aims of The Energy Union Communication. However, for these to be fully realized the specific future energy needs of rural, mountainous and remote communities needs to be addressed.

The current energy profile in rural areas is outdated and urgently needs a change: over 40 million households do not have access to cleaner energy choices –via the natural gas grid – and most rural buildings are aging and in need of renovation. For the millions of homes and businesses in remote rural locations, using conventional liquid or solid fuel based energy inevitably leads to increased emissions and a number of health issues arising from poor air quality. It also means that fuel poverty remains more acute in rural areas.

For policymakers considering implementing measures as part of the Energy Union initiative, there are huge opportunities to improve this situation. SHV Energy asks the EU Commission to act now and develop a White Paper to address issues affecting rural areas which clearly prioritizes the provision of secure and environmentally sensitive energy and encourages homes and businesses to switch from high polluting fuels to low polluting fuels.