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6/21/2014 Partnerships

Supergasbras individual billing evolves with Super Individual Gas

Order to better serve its clients, Supergasbras offers an individual LP Gas billing service for bulk supplied condominiums. The solution offers more convenience to customers who previously had to divide the total LP Gas consumption among all units, and permits greater transparency in a market where its main competitor, natural gas, had a clear advantage for operating with individual units.

In 2014, new developments will bring greater standardization, flexibility and quality to the service, which will now operate under the name of Super Individual Gas. The work started with benchmarking in Chilean companies, which indicated that a change in the operational system to a SAP based module would permit better management of customer billing and service.

“A very evident change for consumers is the new bill, which now has more information, and separates the cost of LP Gas from any other services that may be included, allowing greater transparency in the relationship”, explains Cláudio Baptista, Marketing and Customer Relations Manager. Another improvement is that it will only be possible to pay for the exact amount due, with any necessary adjustments being made the following month. Individual suspension in the supply will only take place after the second overdue bill and notification by letter to the defaulting consumer.

To ensure a smooth operation and greater flexibility, Supergasbras is relying on teamwork. While each business unit is responsible for the LP Gas stock of its customers, a partner specialized in providing services to electrical companies, which have a similar operating system in Brazil, will handle the entire fieldwork from installation to the reconnection of the LP Gas meters. “The customer will have a better quality, faster and more efficient service”, says Baptista.