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Climate change EM3 4/26/2023

How EM3 unlocks energy and carbon savings

A leading animal health company announced new sustainability goals at the beginning of 2022 that included accelerating the journey to carbon neutrality by bringing their goal forward to 2030. As part of this initiative, they partnered with EM3 to identify and unlock energy and carbon saving opportunities.

EM3 (Energy Metrics Monitoring and Management), an SHV Energy company, offer bespoke energy management services that adopt a collaborative approach to achieving excellence by providing expert support. Using innovative methods, EM3 distil big data to identify and quantify inefficiencies in manufacturing processes and utilities. The company also offers design and project management services to bring any efficiency or renewable energy opportunity to fruition.

The audits 

EM3 conducted energy audits of 10 of the animal health company’s facilities across Europe, USA and China that account for 90% of their total energy usage. The EM3 team generated a list of 387 energy and carbon savings opportunities to help the client achieve its carbon neutrality target. The depth of EM3’s understanding allowed the animal health company to define Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s) for each site and determine gaps in metering.


  • Through PPA or solar installations, 63% of emissions can be reduced.
  • The remaining 37% of overall emissions require energy efficiency, electrification and biofuels procurement to avoid purchasing carbon offsets. This will result in a cost avoidance of $17M by 2030.
  • The assessments undertaken by EM3 have informed the client’s Climate Action Roadmap and provided a prioritised pathway of projects that will allow them to be carbon neutral in their own operations by 2030.
EM3 look forward to being a collaborative partner on this journey by delivering expertise across energy efficiency, capital project investments and renewable energy sourcing