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Climate change 4/2/2024

New Heat Exchanger at Primagaz Terminal Powered by Sustainable District Heating

Primagaz in Sweden recently invested in a major upgrade of its terminal in Karlshamn, a strategic location for LPG imports/exports and distribution in the country. The terminal, which has a pressurised cavern and refrigerated cavern with a total storage capacity of 147.000 m3 and import/export volume of about 1.1 million tons of LPG per year, has invested 1 million euros in a new heat exchanger-powered sustainable district heating network.

This investment has a strong strategic rationale, as it aligns with the SHV Energy vision of advancing the energy transition and reducing the company’s carbon footprint, while also delivering operational savings and efficiency.

Moreover, the new heat exchanger has several other operational benefits. It can reduce the cost to power the heat exchange by 38% and increase the productivity flow rate by approximately 20% due to wider pipes and shorter distance to the jetty compared to the old set-up. This means faster and cheaper vessel’s loading and unloading, which improves the terminal's competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The most impressive benefit of the new heat exchanger is its environmental impact. By using district heating instead of LPG as fuel, the terminal reduces its CO2 emissions by 99.6%, which translates into 3,770 MT/year of CO2 savings. This is equivalent to taking 815 fossil fuel cars off the road or planting 62,833 trees. This significant positive environmental impact was well-received by the authorities and local community, as it demonstrates Primagaz's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The Primagaz LPG terminal in Karlshamn is a shining example of how SHV Energy can combine sustainability and profitability, while also enhancing its operational performance and customer service. The new heat exchanger powered by the district heating network is a smart and innovative solution that showcases Primagaz and SHV energy’s commitment to shape the future by mitigating the impact of climate change on our operations.