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Health & Safety SunSource, India 4/15/2022

Preventative health check-ups for SunSource employees

SunSource partnered with a nearby hospital to organise a health awareness and preventive health check-up camp at its solar project site in Uttar Pradesh, India. This 45 MWp site is one of the largest solar power open access projects in the area, spread across over 160 acres of land.
The project is being developed in a rural area with limited road access. Due to the remote location of the site, there is no major hospital in its vicinity. Furthermore, during the development of the project, India witnessed its third wave of COVID-19, making employee health and wellbeing even more of a priority than usual.

SunSource’s solution

As part of its efforts to create a healthier work environment and provide better facilities accessible to employees during such trying times, SunSource partnered with a hospital from a nearby city and organised a free health awareness and preventive health check-up camp at the project site itself. 

This medical camp was designed to assess critical health parameters that are not usually evaluated during basic medical check-ups, such as physical fitness. The camp benefited 62 employees deployed at the project site. As well as assessing their overall health, it also educated them on the importance of healthy behaviour and good hygiene.

A doctor’s view

Dr. Aditya Kumar, a doctor at Unique Hospital & Ultrasound Centre who helped conduct the medical check-ups at the camp, explains, “We are living in a world where following healthy habits and keeping good health are of the utmost importance. By organising this free camp at its remote site, SunSource Energy brought healthcare facilities closer to the people who needed it the most.”

“It was a great experience for us as doctors to partner with SunSource Energy in this wonderful initiative and conduct the health check-up and awareness camp. It was especially important for the gangs of workers who usually ignore the important tests that were part of this check-up.”