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Health & Safety SUPERGAS, India 9/14/2022

SUPERGAS introduces a new cylinder coupling and de-coupling safety process

As with all SHV Energy businesses, SUPERGAS place health and safety as number one priority. Keeping customers and colleagues safe in all areas of business operations is vital as well as committing to continuous improvement.

Coupling and de-coupling of Maxima cylinders at cylinder installations

Introducing new working methods to drive efficiency in the supply chain begins with identifying a robust health & safety process.
These steps were taken in 2021 when SUPERGAS provided customers with Maxima cylinder (450kg ) replacement on site, carried out by the transportation crew, truck drivers.
It ensures a safe on-site installation as the activity is conducted by trained people who will check for leakage during the cylinder exchange. It also means that if any discrepancies or problems are identified during this exchange the SUPERGAS team will immediately check and rectify them.

A defined step-by-step process controls the exchange

The SUPERGAS drivers manage the complete process; loading/unloading, de-coupling/coupling, as they replace empty cylinders with new ones at cylinder installations.

The five-step Coupling & De-coupling Process:

  • Bleeder Valve Opening
  • Safety Cap Opening
  • Engaging QRC’s
  • Leakage Check
  • Safe handling of Cylinders

As part of the process, and the service on-site, SUPERGAS recommend that a customer representative is present so that they can observe, understand the process, and help with any actions required in case of emergency.

Positive customer feedback on the new process

SUPERGAS surveyed 130 customers to get feedback on the new process and it is good to report that 91% of customers mentioned that the safety aspect is well taken care of, and 15% cited that they approved of the efficiency offered.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd, known as L&T, the multinational conglomerate company, welcomed the new initiative and the benefits offered by the elevation of safety and convenience.
Royal Enfield the multinational motorcycle manufacturing company were also supportive and saw that this step, enhancing safety, is a masterstroke by SUPERGAS, providing more comfort and assurance to customers.