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Products and services Butan Plin, Slovenia 4/15/2022

Launching bioLPG in Slovenia

In the summer of 2021, Butan plin launched bioLPG on the Slovenian market – a first for the country. This made Slovenia the 11th country in Europe where bioLPG is available.

Since June 2021, all Butan plin’s 10kg cylinders contain an 80/20 LPG/bioLPG blend and its ambition is to increase the proportion of bioLPG in the future. This launch helps all Butan plin’s predominantly rural customers to progress along the energy transition, as every single home customer it delivers cylinders to now uses bioLPG.

Green in colour and contents

Slovenian energy customers browsing their LPG cylinder options have their selection segmented into categories based on the sustainability of the option. The switch to 80/20 LPG/bioLPG means that Butan plin’s cylinders are now in the ‘green’ category, meaning their category matches their green brand colour for the first time.


New opportunities

Butan plin has also observed significant opportunities in distributing bioLPG to hospitality customers in Slovenia, and hopes this market will continue to develop. Nina Hace, Assistant to Commercial Director at Butan plin, summarises, “We are committed to keep on working together to advance sustainable energy solutions.”