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Products and services Pinnacle, US 4/15/2022

Pioneering rDME as a transportation fuel

Pinnacle Propane is a partner in a project consortium, delivering a DME/propane blend for trials in propane buses. The California Energy Commission contributed to the project, which aimed to facilitate the first large-scale production of renewable DME in the United States and demonstrate the use of rDME in the transportation sector.

Working together on the fuels of the future

During this project, Oberon Fuels began commercial production of rDME at its plant in Brawley, California. Pinnacle supported the collaboration with technical and operational expertise for the tests of rDME and propane blends. This will support the ambitious defossilisation goals of Pinnacle Propane.

“At Pinnacle, we believe in innovation and being a sustainable leader in propane. Therefore, we aim to provide 30% of our propane volumes from renewable sources by 2030. Biopropane is already available in the US, with supply expected to grow from 231 kmT in 2021 to 692 kk mT in 2025 and supplying rDME alongside biopropane will help us to meet these ambitious targets,” says Steven Derrick, EHS Director of Pinnacle Propane, US.


What makes rDME special?

rDME has the potential to play a very significant role in defossilising the LPG industry. Under ambient conditions, rDME is a gas but can be stored as a liquid under moderate pressure, which makes DME ideal for blending with propane. DME’s easy handling properties also make fueling and infrastructure relatively simple and inexpensive. DME is approved as a renewable fuel under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuels Standard.