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18 impact stories within products and services

Products and services • Futuria • 4/3/2024

Revolutionising Energy: Dimeta's Role in Renewable Fuel Projects

Dimeta, a joint venture between SHV Energy and UGI International focused on the production and adoption of renewable & recycled carbon DME, is part of two powerhouse consortiums BUTTERFLY and POWERED,…

Products and services • SunSource • 4/26/2023

SunSource Energys Uttar Pradesh solar project

Uttar Pradesh (UP), India's most populous state, has emerged in recent years as one of the fastest-growing economies in India. The state accounts for a tenth of the country's overall power demand. During…

Products and services • HQ Hoofddorp • 4/26/2023

SHV energy invests in Lanzatech

SHV Energy is committed to pioneering new solutions to offer customers an immediate, viable, and cost-effective solution to de-fossilise their off-grid energy needs. As part of that commitment, the company…

Products and services • Pinnacle, US • 4/15/2022

Pioneering rDME as a transportation fuel

Pinnacle Propane is a partner in a project consortium, delivering a DME/propane blend for trials in propane buses. The California Energy Commission contributed to the project, which aimed to facilitate…

Products and services • Butan Plin, Slovenia • 4/15/2022

Launching bioLPG in Slovenia

In the summer of 2021, Butan plin launched bioLPG on the Slovenian market – a first for the country. This made Slovenia the 11th country in Europe where bioLPG is available. Since June 2021, all Butan…

Products and services • Gaspol, Poland • 10/8/2021

Gaspol focus on the role that LNG can play in the energy transition

As the search for cleaner fuels continues there has been a significant amount of attention recently on the possible role that Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) can play in energy transition. To understand the…

Products and services • Primagas, Germany • 4/19/2021

Primagas pioneering projects to reduce Germany’s transport-related carbon emissions

Primagas with the support of its parent SHV Energy, is leading two projects that are focused on supporting the German government aim of reducing its transport-related carbon emissions by more than 70 million…

Products and services • Primagas, Germany • 4/18/2021

Primagas refuel research vessel with LNG

Primagas has been selling LNG in Germany for close to ten years and notably in in 2014 built the first German industrial LNG plant in Saxony-Anhalt. The development of the wider supply and availability…

Products and services • Primagas, Czech Republic • 8/10/2020

Gaspol and Primagas deliver first bioLPG fuel in the Czech Republic

The completion of this first delivery of bioLPG, in July 2020 by GASPOL/PRIMAGAS, is an exciting step in the SHV Energy global strategy to continue to offer customers alternative, cleaner and sustainable…

Products and services • SHV Energy China, People’s Republic of China • 8/10/2020

Xiwei launch first LNG Combined heat and power (CHP) project in Foshan City

The demand for energy from a large industrial park in Foshan city, in the Guangdong Province has been met by a LNG Combined heat and power (CHP) installation, built by Xiwei.

Products and services • Primagaz, Scandinavia • 5/6/2020

Pioneering bioLPG in Scandinavia

At SHV Energy, we are proud to pioneer bioLPG. Since launching it in March 2018, we have considerably grown the volume of bioLPG available to customers in six of our key European markets.

Products and services • Calor Gas, Ireland • 5/6/2020

Researching the energy solutions of the future

At SHV Energy, we are committed to continually lowering the carbon footprint of our gas products. Globally, we have a portfolio of research and development projects. One area we are particularly focused…