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Products and services Primagaz, Belgium 9/24/2019

Primagaz is the chosen energy supplier for award-winning Belgian beer company

One of the most interesting areas of the Primagaz supply operation is the variety of business customers they are in contact with about their different energy needs and requirements. A recent example of this was the Achouffe Brewery, operating in the stunning scenery of the Belgian Ardennes region.

A story of business growth in a unique environment

The brewery is in the small village of Achouffe in the heart of the Vallée des Fées (the Valley of the Fairies), nestling at the confluence of the Martin-Moulin and Chevral streams. It is a popular tourist area and the inspiration for the two brothers-in-law who started brewing in the late 1970s. The brewery has gone from strength to strength and now produces international award-winning varieties that can be found in over forty countries worldwide.

Dany Lebrun GREY
“"As a growing brand, A’Chouffe is constantly looking for opportunities to expand and improve. Primagaz is there to help"”

Dany Lebrun

Business Development Manager

The energy supply transition to LPG satisfied environmental and economic requirements

Having reviewed their energy supply, the company were clear about their objectives that the transition from their current fuel had to be based upon both ecological and economic reasons. Jean-Lou Barbette, Operations Manager at Achoeffe takes up the story “Moving from fuel oil, the option of propane gas offers us an excellent combination of benefits. It is a more ecological choice and as we are in a natural, beautiful countryside location, it’s something we want to protect. Primagaz identified for us that moving to LPG offers a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions and avoids the risk of leakage to the rivers and groundwater.”

The company also identified the economic benefits from choosing LPG. Jean-Lou Barbette continued “It is also an economical choice, not only from the LPG energy price, but also allows us to reduce the number of maintenance cycles as our steam generators are less dirty, again saving costs”.

A positive experience with Primagaz – something to raise a glass to

Jan-Lou Barbette was keen to identify the positives about using Primagaz as their supplier of choice. “We chose Primagaz because we already had an excellent experience with them in our bottling plant in Fontenaille. It was a logical step to talk to them when we decided to switch to propane as their technical knowledge is excellent and they understand our business. They change was straightforward as they managed the transition, from the beginning right through to implementation, allowing our production team to focus on what they do best - brewing beer.