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Products and services Primagaz, Scandinavia 6/19/2018

Scandinavia introduces BioLPG cylinders

Gas barbecues were introduced in the middle of the last century, and today they are the most popular choice in Scandinavia. But while barbeque technology has continuously improved, the LPG fuel they use has remained the same. In April of 2018, Primagaz Scandinavia launched a BioLPG 20% blend for all of its lightweight cylinders and changed the market. Now, Scandinavian customers can make a sustainable choice by choosing BioLPG from Primagaz.

Substantially reducing CO2 emissions

We placed more than 40,000 BioLPG cylinders into the market during the first month, and they were very well received by Scandinavian end users. By making the switch, customers will be helping to create a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to existing LPG barbecues, and up to 51% compared to coal barbecues. Overall, they are expected to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 3500 metric tonnes during the first year.