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Anti-bribery and corruption Poland 4/3/2024

In Pursuit of Transparency GASPOLs Antibribery Measures and Employee Lottery

In a world where ethical standards are increasingly vital to sustainable business practices, the fight against bribery and corruption takes centre stage. As we navigate the intricate landscape of global commerce, it becomes crucial for organisations to not only meet industry standards but actively cultivate a culture of integrity. This resonates deeply within our company, where our commitment to ethical conduct isn't just a slogan but a foundation of our identity.

In GASPOL, we believe that awareness can be created in many ways, and this is why we came up with a new initiative - New Year's Lottery. In this event, employees who received gifts from customers or suppliers had the chance to contribute them to a company-wide lottery. The draw, conducted in the office and online, ensured equal chances for all participants.

Beyond the festive spirit, the lottery served a strategic purpose, aligning with our dedication to anti-bribery rules and policies. The transparent process reinforced the importance of ethical standards while engaging our employees. 

Before the lottery, an insightful article on ethics and compliance topics, including anti-bribery and corruption, was featured in our internal magazine. This educational piece, complemented by a dedicated crossword, provided employees with a better understanding of how to do the right thing.  

In Good Company: GASPOL's TPDD Practices 

At GASPOL, we recognise that responsibility extends beyond our own actions to encompass those of our contractors, and we have implemented a Third Party Due Diligence process to uphold integrity across our network. We screen new parties within the scope using a dedicated tool under SHV license, emphasising transparency and ethical standards.

Our quarterly approach ensures the process' ongoing effectiveness. Employee training and reminders emphasise the shared responsibility in screening third parties. To enhance awareness, we have crafted a concise two-pager, empowering our employees with the knowledge to actively contribute to our ethical business practices.

GASPOL’s dedicated actions resulted in a noticeable rise in employee awareness regarding anti-bribery and corruption topics. Employees now grasp these crucial matters better and are more inclined to report situations that require attention. Moving forward, we will keep working on staying open and trustworthy, creating a work environment based on doing the right thing.