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Anti-bribery and corruption France 4/26/2023

The importance of third party due diligence (TPDD)

The Third-Party Due Diligence (TPDD) procedure is one of Primagaz France’s processes to detect and mitigate possible compliance risks. Indeed, every company must know the probity of its partners to do business with integrity over time. This procedure relies primarily on the activity of employees who must request the compliance department to initiate the assessment and advise on the outcomes before conducting business with a third party.

Automating TPDD

In addition to training and awareness-raising, Primagaz France decided to integrate an automatic check of the TPDD procedure into the procurement process when adding a supplier to its database.

This automatic check is a mandatory step if Primagaz France want to work with a supplier and pay them, so the compliance check takes place at a crucial strategic moment. In case the purchase controller reports any deviation to the TPDD process, adding a supplier to the database is adjourned until the compliance assessment is completed. Primagaz France also integrated other elements of compliance into the supplier creation process, including questions about conflicts of interest.

Today, in Primagaz France, monitoring the TPDD procedure is everyone's business.