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Climate change Head office, The Netherlands 4/20/2021

A new sustainable home for the SHV Energy HQ team

The year of 2020 will always be seen as a year of significant change with many day-to-day challenges as the impact of COVID-19 was felt all around the world. In June SHV Energy had a planned move into a new office in Hoofddorp, with exciting new features that focused on the group sustainability core objectives. It is good to report that the move went well and has achieved all the planned objectives with a stunning working environment and a significant milestone in the SHV Energy sustainability visible felt leadership initiative.

A ‘living’ environment


The main objective of office design was sustainability, and wherever possible specified recycled materials. This included floor tiles and ceiling felt made from recycled materials, and curtains made from recycled ocean plastic. It was decided, that if it could be achieved, office furniture would be used, or second hand and it is good to report that 50% of the furniture purchased was second-hand.

If new furnishings were needed, they were selected from those that used or were made from sustainable materials like bamboo and the office included energy-efficiency measures such as daylight-dependent lighting.


Wall-to-Wall information

In addition, to support the sustainability theme and objective of the office, the designs included signage related to the environment placed in key points and include some highlighting the sustainability measures that have implemented. There are also signs that offer useful ‘Did You Know?’ facts and others that give practical tips on reducing environmental impact that colleagues can implement in their own day-to-day lives.

Some SHV Energy business units, such as colleagues in Spain and Slovenia, have taken these ideas and content ideas for use in their own offices.


Inspiring results to keeping an eye on

It was also important that the new office could remind colleagues of the importance of the group sustainable strategy and how it was being translated into action.

A series of dynamic infographics were commissioned to demonstrate CO2 emissions and air quality figures, making them more tangible by comparing them to figures and images that people will recognise. Displayed on screens around the office, they contain real-time figures updated live via Power BI, a business analytics tool. Showing key metrics such as the SHV Energy total carbon footprint and carbon impact and the volume of air pollutants that have been saved by switching customers to group products.

These infographics are a visual and inspirational display to highlight the group sustainability strategy, inspire colleagues and convey the positive impact of the work.

A healthy and safe environment

The new office is a successful ‘living’ example of the SHV Energy sustainability strategy: a strong business case, while ensuring a healthy and safe office environment and minimising environmental impact. There has been active interest in the project as the office project partners and Frank Rietdijk, SHV Energy’s Group Sustainability Manager, were interviewed on a Dutch television program about the new office environment and how it links to the group sustainability objectives.