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Climate change EM3, Ireland 4/15/2022

Bespoke solutions for energy efficiency

Dairy company Arrabawn approached the team at EM3 with a challenge. They needed to increase the capacity of their plant to process more milk, whilst also improving their energy efficiency.

The challenge and solution

The processing of milk is energy-intensive and requires significant cooling and heating loads at the same time. EM3 undertook an energy efficiency design review and developed a solution based around installing heat pumps. Not only did this solution provide Arrabawn with its required energy capacity, it also had a significant positive carbon and cost impact, as their processing was previously powered by gas (including steam boilers and a low-pressure hot water system). Heat pumps are an ideal option for electrification of heat and reduction of carbon emissions, increased energy efficiency and cost savings.


The technology involved

The heat pump selected for this project was a co-generation heat pump, meaning it can provide a cooling and a heating load efficiently. This choice contributed substantially to the reduction in the site’s energy demand.


EM3’s impact

EM3 has been involved throughout the project, initially as Arrabawn’s energy management partners, followed by design, procurement, project management, construction management, commissioning and project verification. EM3 continues to monitor the performance of the heat pump to ensure the energy savings continue to be achieved every day. Over 2021, more than 3,700 tonnes of carbon emissions were saved thanks to the energy efficiency measures EM3 put in place.