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Climate change Primagas, Germany 4/15/2022

Inspiring colleagues to contribute

In 2020 and 2021, SHV Energy carried out a global awareness campaign focused sustainability called 25by2025, which references our 25% CO2 reduction goal by 2025. The aim of the campaign was to improve our colleagues’ understanding of sustainability and inspire them to explore new ways of contributing to our sustainability goals. The sustainability awareness campaign was run from our Hoofddorp HQ but brought to life by the contributions of our colleagues around the world.

A two-part campaign

In late 2020, we launched the first phase of the campaign, which was designed to increase awareness and understanding of climate change and air quality and how these topics relate to SHV Energy’s strategy. In 2021, we moved into the engagement phase of this campaign, which aimed to inspire colleagues to contribute to our sustainability goals. At the core of the campaign is the message that ‘You don’t need to have sustainability in your job title to drive positive change’.

Frank Rietdijk, Group Sustainability Manager of SHV Energy, explains why this core message resonates with him personally. “I believe the most effective messaging is simple and personal. When I talked to colleagues, it became clear that most see that the effects of climate change and bad air quality will have a profound impact on society in the coming decades, but many don’t know how to consider environmental responsibilities at work. Being able to take responsibility is about motivation and skill, which is why we launched a campaign that focuses on awareness (further driving motivation) and engagement (leveraging skills by showcasing good examples).”


Promoting engagement

The engagement phase of our 25by2025 sustainability awareness campaign built on the knowledge we developed in 2020 through educational content. The hero piece of the campaign was the launch of our 25 Actions. We asked all business units to submit actions they had taken to be more sustainable that they thought other business units could benefit from. We then selected 25 actions from this list with impact and inclusivity in mind. Each action was represented by someone from that business unit, whose photograph and quote appeared in a 14-language poster campaign.

A global effort

As part of the campaign, we also closely collaborated with colleagues from our business units and our senior head office team on three webinars. Each of these webinar were attended by more than 200 colleagues and their success inspired many other departments to run their own webinars for the first time.

Stefan Strauss, Public Affairs Manager at Primagas Germany, was one of the international colleagues who presented during one of the campaign webinars, where he explained how the SHV Energy’s products and services contribute to the energy transition. He explains, “Energy transition is happening – with or without us. If we want to be part of the future, it is pivotal to contribute to this transition – and to shape it! If we don’t talk about our renewable products, our ability to lower emissions and our needs to be able to contribute at our best, no one else will do it.

“It is important to understand that we can and will be a driver of the transition. The successful energy transition is like a mosaic, consisting of many different elements – LPG and its renewable alternatives are parts of this bigger picture.”