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Climate change China 4/26/2023

Invention generates new efficiencies

Zhuhai technical team invented an automatic steam purging device and system for cylinders by upgrading the retesting process at Zhuhai retesting station. The team were given the Utility Model Patent Certificate by the China Intellectual Property Office in February 2022.

The device changes the surface treatment process for cylinders from incineration to steam purging. The dust treatment system for shot blasting was also upgraded. Through efficiency and productivity gains, the average daily maximum retest capacity increased from 800 to 1500 cylinders a day.

The automation level was also enhanced and more than 8000 times of manual cylinder handling have been reduced every day, greatly reducing the work safety risk for employees.

Moreover, the device significantly reduces energy consumption. It is estimated to reduce the use of LPG by 3 tonnes and electricity by 36,000 kWh a year.