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Climate change Liquigas, Italy 6/19/2018

Liquigas - taking climate change seriously in Italy

63 Liquigas  taking climate change seriously in Italycut
Liquigas monitors environmental impact along the value chain. As a result, we are developing increasingly efficient systems and tools to help us manage our offices and plants. We are also adopting concrete initiatives such as a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Energy management systems and audits

 For example, we have adopted a Health Safety Environment Energy Management System, and we now run a training program aimed at spreading the culture of sustainability across our company. We also run energy audits and services to diagnose energy consumption and needs for our industrial customers before installing LNG or LPG plants. These checks helped us develop energy plans that integrate proposed solutions with measures designed to support the customer, with the ultimate goal of reducing emissions.

Promoting LPG

 Our Target Oil project uses a variety incentives to promote the transition from oil to LPG for domestic customers. A campaign promoted by Italian LPG Associations (Assogasliquidi and Federchimica), and supported by Liquigas, is also spreading knowledge of LPG as a green energy source, through communication and information activities throughout the media.

Upgrading our plants and offices

 At the same time, we are gradually replacing old machinery and equipment with more efficient versions to further increase energy efficiency. For example, we introduced new electric forklifts and increased the efficiency of compressed air distribution systems in four plants. During the last four years we have also changed and restored our Milan headquarters, our North Region headquarters in Cremona and our Centre Region headquarters in Florence – they are now designed and certified according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold standard. These restorations include a number of measures aimed at reducing environmental impact, including the installation of low-consumption systems for air conditioning, low-consumption lighting systems, high-efficiency heat pumps and thermal insulation techniques on the walls.

Between 2013 and 2014, we installed a 20 kW/h photovoltaic system on the roof of the Pomezia plant, which helped reduce our total energy consumption there by about 22%. In 2016, Liquigas decided to extend the adoption of 70 kW/h photovoltaic panels to the Cremona plant, leading to an annual CO2 reduction of 35579 kg. The progressive replacement of halogen lamps with LED lamps at Liquigas’ main plants is reducing energy consumption by 50%.

These measures have enabled us to achieve important results in terms of reducing our environmental impact, and we will continue to work hard to achieving even more in the years to come.