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Climate change Gaspol, Poland 7/25/2019

New Gaspol terminal to offer flexible LPG supply to customers and positive environmental improvements

Gaspol have opened a new LPG facility in Sedziszow, southern Poland, that combines gas terminal capability and a cylinder filling function, providing a compelling alternative to the traditional solid fuel used in this area.

The new terminal, after a two-year build, is designed to secure LPG supply by providing customers with reliable and low emission energy, easily and efficiently.

Logistics and improved efficiency

The location of the plant plays a key part as with good road and rail access. It has been built to include all the latest handling and process equipment from gas storage, rail and road tankers, cylinder handling to gas desulphurisation. This also includes all the latest safety procedures and standards that are part of Gaspol’s core business philosophy.

The scale is impressive, a site covering 95,000 m², with the ability to store over 4000 m³ of LPG and an estimated filling plant output of 1,100 gas cylinders per hour. This capability enables gas to be imported from more than one source, from the East or from Europe with significant logistical improvement through more efficient scheduling and network optimisation.

A strategy for change

This new facility in Sedziszow is part of a long-term-strategy from Gaspol, to have a flexible LPG production site within southern Poland to support current and future customer requirements. It also contributes to the overall aim of the company to help tackle climate change and make a contribution to improving the environment.

With an accessible supply of LPG, a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel, customers will have an attractive energy option that will make a difference, in a region that has been struggling with poor air quality for many years.