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Climate change France 4/26/2023

Primagaz France responds to market needs

After consolidating an appropriate business plan to define investment requirements, profitability levers and the sustainability of the model, Primagaz France deployed Automatic Gas Dispensers (AGD) in the various retail chains in which it is present. 

ADG’s respond to a dual challenge of market and consumer trends, including increasingly present automation and need for access. The gas vending machines allow Primagaz France to reduce cancellations in 24/7 stores and make sales outside shop opening hours. This allows our customers to stock up on our gas cylinders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on Sundays and public holidays.

Making ADG’s sustainable

Thanks to the real-time stock level Primagaz France have with these machines, they can also improve distribution efficiency, which in turn improves forecasting. But rather than installing these machines via a wired solution, requiring an electrical connection for the terminal to operate, Primagaz France is now only launching terminals powered by solar energy, offering additional flexibility for future installations and a reduction in non-renewable energy consumption. Additionally, this solar solution helps to improve profitability as it is less expensive.

With a current network of around 30 machines in operation, Primagaz France plans to double its installations by the end of the year. Competitors using a similar business model are dynamic, but Primagaz France is now ready to develop its positioning.