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Climate change Head office, The Netherlands 9/17/2019

SHV Energy joins klm corporate biofuel programme

Over the next year, all flights by SHV Energy head office employees with KLM, Air France and Delta will run on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Joining the KLM Corporate BioFuel programme helps SHV Energy to further lower the CO2 emissions. It also underlines SHV Energy’s strategic decision to develop and actively contribute to the production of sustainable energy products.

In 2018, the carbon footprint of SHV Energy’s head office activities was 900 tonnes CO2, which is equivalent to flying around the world 114 times. Having the flights with KLM, Air France and Delta fully compensated, results in a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions emitted by the head office.

In May 2019, SHV Energy together with KLM and SkyNRG, announced a project to build the first European plant for sustainable aviation fuel in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The facility will be delivered in 2022 and add to the SAF supply available, contributing to the broader development of sustainably produced energy products. Current SAF supply comes from an already operating biokerosene plant in Los Angeles.

Visit KLM's website to learn more about the programme.