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Climate change Supergasbras, Brazil 8/1/2022

Supergasbras celebrate CO2 reduction with use of ethanol in light fleet vehicles

Supergasbras ended 2021 with a celebration of an important achievement. The use of ethanol in the light fleet vehicles, showed a significant reduction of CO2 to 83% of the levels of the previous month. From October of that year, all the light fleet vehicles were used ethanol only, removing the use of gasoline. 

The decision to use less polluting and more sustainable fuel supports the strategy and goal of SHV Energy to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025.

"This reduction shows how aligned we are with the SHV Energy goal. Moreover, it is the result of the commitment of our drivers and the control and monitoring of the Light Fleet Management area. We have everything to reduce these indicators even more in 2022", says José Ribeiro, Transportation coordinator.