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Climate change Balcas, Northern Ireland 6/19/2018

Upgrading the Balcas fleet to Plug-in Hybrid vehicles

Upgrading the Balcas fleet to Plugin Hybrid vehiclescut

At Balcas, we operate a fleet of thirty diesel company cars as part of our daily operations. These cars drive an average of 1 million kilometres a year, generating 150 metric tonnes of CO2 . This is why we have started a program to replace our diesel cars with Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles as our lease terms expire. By the summer of 2018, we will have replaced three vehicles in our efforts to progressively reduce emissions. We will be able to charge these vehicles using green energy produced from our own biomass operations, which will result in zero emissions. A range of charging options also means that our drivers can charge the vehicles at work, at home and at public rapid charging points.

Reducing our environmental impact

Every vehicle replaced will generate 25% fewer COemissions over its lifespan, with less dependence on fossil fuels. These hybrid vehicles will help to keep the air clean, especially in major urban areas where gridlock can produce smog resulting from the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants. The program is definitely in step with the changing environment of fleet vehicles, will undoubtably help towards our goal of reducing our impact on the environment and reducing our global CO2 emissions.