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Climate change SHV Energy China, People’s Republic of China 6/19/2018

Upgrading to new energy transportation vehicles in China

In our daily operations in China, we use tank trucks to transport LPG and LNG products and cargo trucks for cylinder delivery. This transportation segment accounts for 57% of the total carbon emissions generated by our company-owned operations. Our target is therefore to reduce our CO2 emissions by 300,000 metric tonnes – including self-operation and the customer side – by 2022. Since 2014, we have gradually been replacing our diesel tank trucks with a new type of LNG vehicle.

Already reducing NOx and CO2

In 2017, 92% of our tank trucks used LNG as their energy source, and over the in the next five years we will gradually realise full clean energy conversion for all tank trucks. But the effects are already starting to be seen: in 2017, our LNG trucks travelled 3,547,000 kilometres, and compared to traditional diesel trucks this represents an 80% decrease in NOx and a 32% reduction in CO2 per truck per year.