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Cybersecurity HQ Hoofddorp 4/3/2024

SHV Energy deploys Artificial Intelligence to continuously monitor Cybersecurity risks in its extern

At SHV Energy, we believe that defensive security should be validated by offensive security. Historically, offensive security (e.g. penetration testing and red teaming) is conducted by ethical hackers looking for security vulnerabilities in applications, systems and networks.

While SHV Energy extensively deploys manual security testing, we decided to power up our offensive security and scale it globally through AI. We partnered with an innovative Dutch startup and use their AI-powered system to continuously monitor our external attack surface (public internet facing systems) for new risks and vulnerabilities.

Adopting a hacker perspective reveals the targets and methods that could be used in a real-world security incident. The system continuously discovers, scans and validates risks completely autonomously. This cutting-edge technology is constantly updated and improved by our partners’ in-house hacker team.