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Health & Safety Supergasbras, Brazil 4/19/2021

Dedicating time to mental wellbeing in Brazil

As part of Global Safety Week, Supergasbras’ Recife unit ran a day dedicated to the wellbeing and care of the mental health of its employees. The day’s activities included a yoga session, in which 60 employees participated. Feedback on the benefits of the session was resoundingly positive.

A moment of calm

The session was specifically focused on mental well-being and emotional balance and was designed to help alleviate the stresses of everyday life during a pandemic. The teacher spoke about the importance of self-care and topics such as mental health and emotional balance, which were then used as a theme for the postures and reflections.

Safety was of course a consideration when bringing so many employees together. In keeping with social distancing rules, the yogis took care to space their mats out. Brazil’s warm climate enabled the session to take place outside, and employees also wore masks throughout.

As José Silva, Nursing Technician at Supergasbras, explains, “With the psychological chaos caused by the pandemic, yoga guides us to a more serene and peaceful state of mind and body.”