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Health & Safety SHV Energy China, People’s Republic of China 10/1/2018

Driving Safety - Rules of Road Life

Driving Safety - Rules of Road Life

Over the last few years, vehicle incidents have been one of the major challenges, and therefore focus areas, for SHV Energy China. In order to help tackle this rising trend, a safety video ’Rules of Road Life’ was released in February 2018, to highlight and strengthen awareness around this topic.

The video made a very personal connection to behaviour and accountability, and not only touched the hearts of the viewers, but also had a very real impact when it came to influencing behaviour and road safety. It was reported that drivers wore their helmets, and drove more carefully after having watched it, which resulted in zero vehicle incidents in February 2018.

‘Pursue Zero Incidents’

In follow up to this video, and to give further weight to this message, a second video was created. ‘Pursue Zero Incidents’ was released just two months later in April, helping employees have a better understanding and appreciation around why safety is the number one priority, and how to protect themselves during deliveries.

Shift in culture and mind-set

All SHV Energy China employees viewed this video, and studied the new safety standards requirements. Vehicle and PPE (personal protective equipment) management measures were implemented such as tyre changing, seatbelt requirements and prohibition of mobile phone usage while driving.

The comparative results from the same period of the previous year, were outstanding. Vehicle incident rates were halved, and there has been a huge shift in culture and mind-set. Employees report they feel a collective responsibility to change their behaviour inspired by love, their families and a commitment to safety.