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Health & Safety SHV Energy China, People’s Republic of China 2/25/2019

Safety is number one priority in SHV Energy China

Safety is number one priority in SHV Energy Chinacut

SHV Energy’s number one priority is without a doubt safety. This is no truer than at SHV Energy China (Xiwei), where safety is a major driver of the business strategy.

There have been a number of incidents across China in recent times, involving consumers using LPG in their homes. As a leading LPG business in Southern China, Xiwei has made it their mission to improve this situation

Educating customers and carrying out safety checks

Confronting these terrible incident numbers, Xiwei is offering education classes relating to LPG safety for the local community, at schools and even for taxi drivers of LPG cars. Additionally Xiwei’s delivery employees carry out routine safety checks at customer premises when delivering LPG cylinders. During the safety check, Xiwei employees pay particular attention to unsafe customer behaviour and customer hoses, as these factors carry the highest risk potential if not properly understood.

Supporting our delivery employees

To support delivery employees, Xiwei has made a short video to educate customers about safe usage of LPG. Furthermore, Xiwei wants to help consumers understand the need for high quality hoses, and offers that all delivery employees can replace unsafe hoses directly on the spot.

By focusing on consumer education, and immediate action within a service, Xiwei is continuing to improve the safety situation for their customers.