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Innovation and technology HQ Hoofddorp 4/3/2024

From Startups to Solutions: SHV Energy’s Innovative Pilot Projects

In 2022, SHV Energy began a quest to identify startups with innovative solutions for sustainability, culminating in a selection of five startups for six pilot projects throughout 2023. These pilots were designed to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our operations, demonstrating our commitment to reducing Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, and underscoring our mission of: 'Courage to care for generations to come.'

Among the standout collaborations was Gravity, which partnered with Supergasbras and Calor GB to enhance their carbon accounting and decarbonization efforts. This collaboration led to unprecedented levels of data transparency and efficiency. Supergasbras achieved 100% data transparency, completely eliminating manual data entry and conversions, while Calor GB identified and corrected a 70% over-counting in emissions, achieving a level of detail in their emissions data that was previously unattainable.

Another remarkable pilot was with CombiFuel®, which introduced a retrofitting technology capable of transforming common-rail diesel engines into LPG/Hydrogen-Diesel hybrids. In a pilot with Liquigas, CombiFuel® equipped an IVECO bulk truck with its conversion kit, aiming to replace a significant portion of diesel with LPG. The results were extraordinary, achieving a 50% replacement of diesel with LPG and reducing GHG emissions by approximately 15%, all while maintaining engine power. These outcomes, validated by third-party testing, mark a significant advancement towards reducing diesel consumption and emissions in the transport sector. 

IMEfficiency's SolarOnTop project presented an innovative approach to reducing fuel consumption and emissions for trucks. Partnering with Liquigas, an IVECO bulk truck was retrofitted with flexible solar panels and an energy management system. The goal was to create a partially solar-powered vehicle that could contribute to significant fuel savings and emissions reductions. The pilot achieved impressive results, generating 0.6 kWp and leading to an 8-10% reduction in fuel consumption while idling and a 4-6% reduction while driving. This breakthrough not only represents a leap towards sustainable transport, but also showcases the potential for renewable energy solutions in the heavy vehicle sector. 

These pilots are a testament to SHV Energy's dedication to fostering innovation that aligns with our sustainability goals. The collaborations with Gravity, CombiFuel®, and IMEfficiency highlight the potential of cutting-edge technologies to make a significant impact on our operations and the environment. As we continue our journey towards sustainability, these projects serve as milestones, demonstrating our commitment to implementing solutions that not only enhance our business, but also contribute positively to the planet and reinforcing our mission to care for generations to come.