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Innovation and technology Liquigas, Italy 8/1/2022

Applying an innovation mindset to operations challenges

In November 2021, Liquigas launched the company Innovation Board, a key step to ensure continuous innovation with the aim of strengthening the market leadership in terms of sustainability and customer experience.

Through this initiative Liquigas and its stakeholders have extended governance of innovation with support of the Innovation Board and members of the company Strategic Committee.

Identifying innovation opportunities for business operations

The Innovation Board is responsible for all aspects of innovation by managing a portfolio of projects that are continuously added to as new areas are identified. They then manange these projects through the development phase with progess monitoring. A structured and consistent approach that offers significant benefits for all colleagues, internal and external stakeholders.

To drive internal company innovation contributions,  the Innovation Board approved an action plan for 2022, where all colleagues can contribute through two innovation challenges, dedicated to sustainability and customer experience topics.

An open approach for external innovation

The Innovation Board, recognised the importance of an open innovation approach to attract external innovation  and sought engagement with key innovation enablers to explore potential areas of collaboration.

The Innovation Board kick-off meeting took place at NOI Techpark, South Tyrol's innovation district, an established location where companies, institutions and the university meet, working jointly on research and development projects. The potential to build relationships with enablers who share similar suatainability values was high as the district comprised of more than 70 companies and innovative start-ups, 4 research institutions and 3 facculties of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano.

A journey to a mature empowering innovation culture

The establishment of the Innovation Board to further embed innovation into the company culture is only the start of the journey, planned by the Andrea Arzà, CEO, and Simone Cascioli, the Head of HSE, Sustainability and Innovation.

Through it colleagues will be empowered  to innovate through dedicated tools, training, engagement initiatives and peer-to-peer mentoring from innovation-wise colleagues: the Innovation Ambassadors. All contributing to leading Liquigas to reach, in the coming years, the full maturity of innovation management.

Ultimately establishing the company as  a stronger, direct presence into the innovation ecosystem and capitalising on Liquigas market leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. All positive attributes to attract industrial partners for start-ups and small companies with innovative solutions for the energy transition.

Simone Cascioli commented, “On behalf of Liquigas, I am delighted to be able to acknowledge the hard work of all involved in this exciting innovation journey and the input from all areas including the support for this initiative from all members of the Strategic Committee.”