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Talent attraction, development and retention Turkey 4/26/2023

Familiarising interns with the energy sector

Our internship program that is promoted as an employer branding activity is called ‘Ibiza’, short for ‘Ipragaz Business Academy’.


  • Introducing Ipragaz’s corporate structure and team to our potential candidates
  • Providing an opportunity to have professional experience in Ipragaz
  • Hiring new long-term talents for Ipragaz

As of this year, within the İbiza concept, we launched a ‘technology school’ for IT interns aligned with the needs of future digital developments.

Ibiza Internship Programme process 

  • Ibiza starts with a comprehensive onboarding process. On the first day of the program, HR has breakfast with the interns and provides them with their welcome kits. In addition, former interns who have successfully completed İbiza internship and joined our company are also invited to the breakfast to share their experiences with the interns.
  • Interns are accompanied to visit floors and departments and taken to their mentors.
  • Next, interns attend an onboarding programme organised with the participation of all HQ managers. After the introduction of the departments, interns have the opportunity to gather more information in a Q&A session with managers.
  • On the last day of the onboarding program, interns visit Yarımca Filling Plant, 1 Go Fuel Station and Evas. Fire Extinguishing Training takes place at the Yarımca Filling Plant. Thus, the interns complete field orientation.
  • During the programme, interns attend one-hour coaching session with HR. In that sense, HR act as consultants for their career development.
  • Towards the end of the programme, all interns attend hour-long ‘coffee talks’ with Directors.
  • Finally, interns have the opportunity to present their feedback to the CEO regarding Ipragaz.

Once the internship programme has been completed, a survey is sent to all interns and their mentors. Most importantly, graduates that are recognised as talents can also be evaluated for vacant positions.

Interns (on average aged 23) that successfully complete the 40-day programme are entitled to work at Ipragaz on a part-time/full-time basis, with the approval of the HR Director and relevant business unit director/manager. So far, 18 interns have been recruited which we find valuable both for them and Ipragaz.