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Talent attraction, development and retention Ipragaz, Turkey 9/14/2022

Ipragaz colleagues connect and communicate with “MAAİLE” on an in-house Instagram account

The pandemic has had an impact on all individuals and affected daily activity with the emergence of new “normal”, a working model. Colleagues work from home when possible, controlling and managing the amount of time spent in physical meetings. The use of digital channels has therefore been vital to enable colleague communication and support the business management processes.

A decision was made by Ipragaz to use Instagram, a familiar platform already actively used personally by many colleagues. A private account was launched for Ipragaz employees with the launch of “Maaile”, an appropriate name as in Turkish “Maaile” means “as the whole family.”

An opportunity to enhance colleague communication and engagement

The account has a number of benefits that include a central point of focus for wider two-way communication for important business communication, for colleagues to engage with one another on collaborative projects and for more social events.

As Instagram is actively used on mobile devices it means that “Maaile” is accessible, flexible and can engage easily with all colleagues and trigger interaction.

By creating a two-way communication environment, supported by senior management, a new culture has developed of wider communication and strengthening employee engagement.

Key account areas identified

The account has an active account management approach in four key areas: education, development, communication, and social responsibility projects. Within these areas sub-category topics will cover the following areas and approximate frequency per month:

Interaction content with employees 25-30%
News and announcements 20-25%
Trainings 18-20%
Social responsibility projects 10-15%
Live broadcasts with educational content 10-15%
Special day communications From the schedule

Diverse and engaging content

The planned content covers a wide range of topics including:

Maaile 101: tutorials about professional life
Maaile Books: book recommendations from colleagues
Maaile Yemoji: award-winning competitions consisting of 5 questions every week
Maaile News: news about Ipragaz
Maaile Family: 1-minute videos of individuals, introducing themselves
Maaile Responsibility: social responsibility projects with colleagues
Maaile Talks: live chats with employees and management
Maaile Webinars: webinars with experts in their fields
Maaile Live: live announcements by the management team (e.g., during safety week. etc.)
Maaile Pandemic: up-to-date content about the pandemic and health issues
Maaile Activity: suggestions for concerts, art events, travel, and touristic places
Maaile Amazing “Most’s”: surprising facts from all around the world
Maaile Intelligence Questions: interesting questions
Maaile Save the World: informative content on sustainable energy, nature protection and climate change
Maaile Competitions: mini competitions where colleagues participate with their families
Maaile Special Days: Special day communications such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, World Environment Day, Water Saving Day

A successful launch and high colleague involvement

In only a brief period nearly 500 employees now follow the account with average video viewing rates reaching 72% and in comparison, to December 2020, interaction rates have shown an increase of 164%.

It is also worth noting that there has been a significant increase in the participation rates for training, development activities and announcements including more than 40 webinars, trainings, workshops, and broadcasts.