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Talent attraction, development and retention Adriatics 4/3/2024

SHV Energy in Adriatics is unifying cultures, strategies and talents

2023 marked an important transformation journey for the Slovenian, Croatian and Bosnian entities of SHV Energy as we started working as one Adriatic team, bringing unique aspects of our diverse cultures, expertise, and perspectives together.

As part of this unified approach, we reviewed our strategic goals and business opportunities, as well as optimized how we share sources and assets, to enrich our power in the region. We believe that business transformation is not possible without strong leadership commitment. A new Adriatic level management team – and extended leadership teams at both the region and country levels – were established to foster alignment with strategic priorities and initiatives.

Our Adriatic people strategy has been created with four key elements:

  • Talent and Development
  • HR Operations Excellence
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Change Management & Culture

A multi-year road map has also been devised to achieve our priorities around the people strategy.

We conducted a region-wide engagement survey campaign to give an opportunity to all white- and blue-collar employees to voice their opinions. Based on the survey results, focused workshops were organized to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between departments to identify areas for improvement. Altogether, employees proposed around 30 initiatives turned into action plans across 13 workshops.

Complementing the workshops, we enhanced a dedicated mailbox initiative to ensure that employee feedback is continuously heard and addressed.

To empower employees and enhance their core capabilities, we launched the Adriatic Lead Academy. This in-depth program aims to build essential leadership skills and foster the ‘Courage to Lead’ mindset through workshops, coaching, 360-degree assessments and development plans.

Strategic recruitment efforts –further employer branding initiatives with assessment processes – have enabled the organization to recruit new talents and strengthen organizational capabilities. We have also updated our recruitment processes by including active candidate sourcing through LinkedIn, and initiated an Employee Referral Programme to offer a reward to employees who recommend suitable candidates.

On both a quarterly and annual basis, all employees participate in breakfast meetings, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and recognition. These gatherings foster a sense of community and camaraderie, reinforcing the region's commitment to employee engagement and well-being.

In conclusion, the Adriatic region's journey in talent attraction, development, and retention underscores its unwavering commitment to nurturing its best asset: its people. By fostering a culture of listening, learning and growth, the company has taken bold steps to create an environment where employees feel empowered, valued, and motivated to excel. As the company continues this journey, it remains dedicated to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and unlocking the full potential of its workforce for sustained success under the strong, dedicated, and visible leadership of Butan Plin management.