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Innovation and technology Ireland 4/26/2023

Youle digital campaign reveals customer insights 

In the summer of 2022, Youle was launched with the objective to find new ways of entering the Irish domestic household, increase customer intimacy and gather data which we would use to tailor our offerings to customers' needs and support the development of new customer value propositions. We created a digital campaign to engage with customers and collect insights.

Campaign process

Phase 1 of the project ran for an 8-week period where we targeted potential customers in Cork, Limerick, and Waterford through a digital Facebook campaign; they were invited to take part in a survey to set up their energy profile. This was done through split testing where some customers saw the Calor branding and others saw a Youle branding campaign. This allowed us to test if customers would be willing to provide their information to Calor or would customers be more comfortable using an impartial brand to help them make decisions on their energy needs.

Phase 2 of Youle consisted of us targeting our own bulk domestic customer base through a loyalty service email, which invited the customer to participate in a survey about their current personal situation (size of house/BER rating/primary and secondary heating sources) and answer questions on their future energy needs and where they were positioned on their domestic transition journey.


Over the course of a 12-week timeframe, we emailed over 800 of our existing customers, resulting in over 30% completing the survey and 41 interviews being completed, which has allowed us to gather further insights and feedback from our existing domestic customers which we will use to create future customer propositions.