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Anti-bribery and corruption Supergasbras, Brazil 6/19/2018

Conduta Legal More than a program a way of behaving

Conduta Legal: More than a program – a way of behaving

These days, global organisations are stricter than ever when it comes to compliance and ethics. That is why our company has started a program called Conduta Legal. This program creates a culture of ethics, compliance and safety through awareness, education and the recognition of behaviours aligned with these pillars. This way, we can ensure business sustainability and a sense of employee responsibility across our organisation.

We began the first phase of the program at the end of 2017 as we listened to two different groups (our Operational and Leadership Teams) to discover what ethics means to Supergasbras. Both audiences openly discussed the practical aspects of ethics to increase our understanding of how ethical behaviour can play a larger role in our organisational culture.

Popcorn Sessions: video presentations for increased impact

 For the official release of the program, we invited all employees to participate in a set of video presentations we called ‘Popcorn Sessions’. These sessions introduced employees to the program and described its concept. The first video – about safety awareness – was created by our employee’s children. The second was a message from our CEO to employees about engaging protagonism. The last was a dynamic decision-making video showing eight different wrong decisions made by employees – and their consequences.

Our Torneio Legal competition

 We also developed a competition called Torneio Legal, consisting of 10 hours of training on our e-learning platform. The competition stimulated teams from our Filling Plants, Depots and Head Office to study and put knowledge into practice. Over three weeks, we distributed information about Ethics, Safety and Compliance along three development tracks and at the end we listed the winning teams. We raffled off tablets and backpacks for the top 3 BU’s, while the first-place team members were awarded interactive games that reinforced the program’s contents.

Results in 2018

 We achieved the following results in 2018:

  • 93 Popcorn Sessions introduced more than 2100 employees to the program

  • Approximately 1700 employees (representing 40% of active employees) accessed development tracks

  • 728 employees completed 100% of all development tracks – 6% of these were Operational Team members with no direct computer access

Maintaining momentum

 Since the program’s launch in February, our challenge now is to maintain and reinforce the Conduta Legal mindset in our employees. Some of our activities in this area include sending knowledge pills and reviewing our Ethical Conduct Code to strengthen behaviours expected by the organisation.

Conduta Legal is a great way to protect our company and our employees. Each of us has the responsibility to respect internal and external rules – and each of us must be a protagonist of Conduta Legal!