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Anti-bribery and corruption Pinnacle, USA 9/24/2020

Pinnacle Propane implement the new SHV Energy Code of Conduct

Pinnacle has announced that the new SHV Energy Code of Conduct has been launched to all employees using a multi-channel approach, via the Code of Conduct e-Learning, live Team meetings and a company-wide newsletter.

A Code to represent company values and drive towards a sustainable business goal

The message was clear; identifying values as the key drivers for SHV Energy and all Business Units, including Pinnacle, and underlining the importance of integrity.

It was also emphasised that the stated goal of a sustainable business relies on upholding the highest levels of integrity in all aspects and to support this SHV Energy has developed this new Code of Conduct for all.

A structured implementation plan

The implementation was carefully planned by The Pinnacle Compliance team and supported by the Pinnacle Chief Executive Officer, Gino Vansteenhuyse. Compliance had overall responsibility for delivering the detail of the new Code, including different stages and audiences. Initially presenting to the Senior Leadership team, where elements of the Code were discussed, and example scenarios were explored.

The full employee launch followed in July 2020 at the July Employee Town Hall meeting presented by Gino Vansteenhuyse and Jeff Lewis, BU Compliance Officer. They gave a comprehensive explanation of the values that are the cornerstone of the Code, with an outline of the important mandatory training required across all teams.

Training and Team meetings

Following the launch, it was reported in July that over half of Pinnacle employees had completed the Code of Conduct e-Learning via the Courseware e-Learning tool. The Compliance team then scheduled a series of supplementary live Team meetings to discuss the three pillars of the Code – Health & Safety, Integrity and Sustainability. The meetings also allowed for further discussion of example dilemmas based upon the Code.

In September, following the July launch, Compliance gave a Code update at the Safety Team meeting reinforcing the importance of the Code values.

Employee access and feedback

The Code is now posted on the Employee Portal allowing easy access for all employees. It is proving popular as individuals can regularly access and review Code information but just as importantly, submit questions to the Compliance team.

Some excellent questions were received – good to see the detailed individual Q & A threads.

The feedback on the launch and the training offered has been very positive and all involved at Pinnacle are confident that employees now have the resources and tools to actively uphold the values of the Code.

A great example of a well-planned and structured implementation – well done to all!

Pinnacle Propane